11 Free Ways To Get Mass Traffic To Your Website

11 Free Ways To Get Mass Traffic To Your Website

11 Free Ways To Get Mass Traffic To Your Website

11 Free Ways To Get Mass Traffic To Your Website

Before we get started with the meat of this course, I'd like for you to see 
the bigger picture when it comes to traffic generation.

This information may not be directly actionable, but it is important as it 
will guide you through your traffic-building strategy as a business owner 
or affiliate. 

There are two big categories when it comes to traffic generation : free and 
paid traffic.

Paid Traffic is the closest thing to instant traffic you'll find. Usually, you 
will be paying per impressions of your ad or per click. 

Paid traffic is your go-to of choice when you have a proper budget AND a proper plan, 
coupled with tight market research. Paid traffic gives you the ability, most 
of the times, to target very specific demographics.

When I first got started with paid traffic, I lost all my investment. I lost 
300 dollars at a time when 300 dollars was a lot of money.

Paid traffic carries risks, and I always strongly suggest you get started with
free traffic, to find your sweet spot.

Free Traffic, on the other hand, costs another kind of currency : your time.
There is a lot of effort and grinding to be put into free advertising methods.
In this course, I will show you methods that have worked for me. 

These methods are up to date and you should be able, with a little bit of work, to 
replicate my success.

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