Machine Learning with R: A-Z Course

Machine Learning with R: A-Z Course - Learn to create Machine Learning Algorithms with R & Excels from popular Data Science experts.

Machine Learning with R: A-Z Course

Machine Learning with R: A-Z Course

Learn to create Machine Learning Algorithms with R & Excels from popular Data Science experts.

UNDERSTANDING Analytics definition and application
LEARN the concept of programming in R from its core
GAIN the understanding to use machine learning techniques to solve the problems of real life
ACQUIRE the knowledge to convert business concerns into machine learning problems.
COMPREHEND the use of R in data analysis
LEARN the usage of R in data science
UNDERSTAND data mining, statistics and machine learning
LEARN the concept and the difference between supervised and unsupervised learning
ACQUIRE the knowledge to import and export data
GET the knowledge of different data types and data structures
LEARN to handle packages and subsetting data in R
ACQUIRE the skill of how to create a loop and if-else statement
LEARN the concept of missing values in R
COMPREHEND the basics of statistics and Machine Learning
UNDERSTAND data manipulation in R using dplyr
LEARN aggregate and table commands
BECOME proficient in summarizing the data graphically
GRASP the concept of regression
MASTER the concept of decision tree
LEARN about cluster analysis in detail
FAMILIARISE with the concept of association rule analysis

Are you looking for a great course on Machine Learning?

Planning to have a flourishing career as a Data Scientist?

You have landed at the right place to give your career the right kick!!!

It is a comprehensive course on machine learning that will take you through all the concepts from the very basic and will form a solid ground by teaching you all the techniques of machine learning.

This course is designed meticulously to offer complete knowledge of machine learning not only to the beginners but also to the professionals with prior knowledge. It will help you land into a great career in the field of data science and machine learning and unlock a new world of insights.

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