Pluralsight Managing Microsoft Azure App Services

Azure App Services are the managed hosting environment for Web Apps, REST APIs, custom containers and Function Apps. This course will teach you App Services and how to configure app settings, deployment slots, custom domains and SSL certificates.

Pluralsight Managing Microsoft Azure App Services

The cloud offers opportunities to create managed hosting environments quickly, in order to speed up deployment and deliver value to customers.

But for administrators and developers, this requires an understanding of the platform and its configuration options. In this course, Managing Microsoft Azure App Services, you'll learn how to create and configure Microsoft's Platform-as-a-Service offering for hosting Web Apps, REST APIs, custom containers, and Function Apps.

First, you'll learn how to configure, deploy, and secure App Services.

Then, you'll discover how to leverage deployment slots to streamline deployments and reduce risk.

Finally, you'll discover how to attach custom domains to your App Services and secure them with SSL Certificates.

When you’re finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of managing Azure App Services needed to maintain the hosting environment for your web based applications and backend APIs.

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